A Day Trip to De Haar Castle in the Netherlands!

During my time in the Netherlands I had one wish: to see a castle. Whether it be from a train or a plane above, I was sure I would see a castle of two through my travels. Nope. Nada. So when I researched where to find the castles in the Netherlands I came across De Haar Castle, said to be the prettiest castle in the entire country and only a short drive away from a city I was visiting: Utrecht. I had only two nights in Utrecht so I first made sure I saw everything I wanted to see in the city, then made plans to visit the castle. Given that the public bus to and from the castle took one hour each way and Google maps suggested bike riding would be slightly less than that (47 minutes), I rented a bike for €8 and went on my merry way to the castle. Visit the Village of Haarzuilens As it would turn out, the 47 minutes soon turned in to 90 as I mistakenly made wrong turns, was led to locked gates, and finally found a local village person to ask for directions. The castle closes at 5:00pm and I arrived […]

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